The Workshop Experience

Showcase Workshops

These workshops will be available for the world (ha!) to read and comment on. Hey, don’t think I’m nuts… some people like that.

If you want to post a piece of writing on PunkPen for the world to read and review, do this:

  • register yourself on my website
  • send me an email
    • Say you want to become an author on my site
    • include the piece that you would like to showcase
    • wait for me to moderate your request
  • I will publish your first piece in the Writer’s Workshop Showcase. Then you can publish more anytime you like. If you need help with this, just email me. I’ll walk you through it.


If you post your work on the Showcase, it is considered published. Most magazines and publishers of short stories won’t care that you have posted your work on a blog, however… Just make sure you mention that you have it posted here in your query letters. The publisher may ask you to remove it before they decide to put it in print. The fact that you post it here should not hurt your chances of publication elsewhere! (At least, not until I make this site into a legitimate lit-mag!)

Private Workshops

These workshops will be available through the PunkPen Forums. This is a private way to get your writing read by other writers, or critics on the forum. Forums are moderated daily, and there are guidelines to follow to make the best workshop experience for everyone. This is a great option for those that seek to get published and don’t want their writing posted in a public domain.

To join the forum, simply register as a forum user on the forum page. Login and start posting!

The above was a good idea, but it failed as a result of author negligence.

Bad, Lori. Bad!

Maybe I can ramp it up some other time… when I am not trying to earn my graduate degree and raise children.

And maybe after all that, I will just be dead.

Long live my graduate degree and raising children. May they be forever young (including the degree) and make a fool out of me daily.

Other Contributions

If you would like to contribute to the other sections of this website, please let me know. I would love to get some of the following:

  • original artwork
  • original photography
  • opinion articles, genre appropriate
  • news links
  • book reviews
  • site suggestions
  • philosophical ponderings
  • mental meanderings
  • critiques