About PunkPen

What’s it all about?

What am I doing here… what are we living for? Well, I don’t know about you, but writing floats my boat, gets my rocks off, flicks my bic (??? I never quite understood that one), et al…

So, I’d like to post anything here that will get the juices flowing. Come here to look for/offer advice, rant about books, post a story, read a story, find inspiration, share insight, stop the procrastination, or free write on a daily (or as it turns out, yearly) topic.

I host plenty of writing contests. Winners will get a custom illustration for their entries by a professional artist/designer, and receive a featured post on the website. <—- ha ha ha, mua ha ha HAAAA. Oh, I’m tearing up… Yeah… THAT worked.

BUT, this should still be true, especially if I am talking about ZOMBIES ——> It’s fun. I hope people will come by and play.

Ultimately, this is a support board to keep the motivation to write and get going.

Don’t forget to stop by the forum if you want to privately workshop your story. Find more information about it here<—- This no longer exists, but if serious interest arises, I could be convinced (but I would like some serious persuasion, people… come on!) to start it up again.

At least that’s what this is all about for now (circa 2010). NOW it’s all about ME. Just kidding.  Now, it’s just whatever it becomes, I guess. I am going to post creative stuff, and if you want to read it, GREAT. If not, then why are you still here?

Where do I want it to go in the future?

Simple. I would love for this to turn into an online lit-mag. <—- I’m not seeing it.

A note about genre…

I like weird. I want weird stories. Odd, Absurd, Bizarre, Experimental stories. Philosophical stories. Horror stories. Psychological thrillers are nice. How about noir? Oh, and sarcasm, that’s always nice. Irony is fun. I’m not opposed to poetry or bitchin’ works of art, so… Gimme gimme…. The site is named punk after all. So anything out of the ordinary is welcome. Of course, that’s just for the main site. The forum welcomes those of all genres to join and play! The forum is dead. Long live the forum.