The Penrath Chronicles : Blackest of Hearts

Spurred on from the moment she’d felt her father’s essence weakening Kendra had left the kitchen and was halfway down the hall before the coffee cup hit the floor and shattered. Kendra was halfway down the hall. The sensation of his fading image and a sense of dread being forced into her mind was one she’d only experienced once before. It lent speed to her movements and as quickly as she could she passed through the front door and down the drive dragging the car keys from her handbag as she went. With a snap of her fingers she unlocked the central locking and threw open the door before hurling herself into the driver’s seat in a single movement.  

Even before the key was in the ignition she’d started to connect with the source of her father’s essence and from the moment the car headed toward the road at the end of the drive had concentrated on its source. Allowing it to guide her she drove as quickly as she dared ignoring the occasional blast of car horn from behind her as the panic she felt motivated her to take certain liberties where road safety was concerned.

Fifteen minutes later the sense of dread she’d felt only increased when the hospital swung into view and she felt herself being drawn toward it. Less than a minute later she parked in the first empty space she found within the car park and disregarded the pay and display meter she raced straight through into the main entrance of the hospital. Taking a moment to stamp her feet to drive the snow from her shoes she then strode over to the reception and all but elbowed the woman standing there aside, “I’m looking for Arthur Weyland,” she said, “I understand he was brought here”.

The young nurse on the other side of the desk checked the computer in front of her, “Are you a relative?” she asked.

“I’m Kendra, his daughter”.

By the look of her the nurse had probably only started work there a matter of weeks ago and had from the time Kendra had arrived in front of her had looked intimidated by her aggressive demeanour, “He’s been taken up to surgery,” she said.

Kendra had become more than familiar with the hospital over the years and she immediately spun on her heel as she quickly proceeded toward a specific staircase situated in the right hand corner of the hospital reception. Taking the steps two at a time it was less than a minute before she reached the third floor where the surgical theatres were located. In her mind’s eye the image of her father was now barely visible and without breaking stride she raced down the corridor casting respective glances left and right whenever she passed a doorway. As she rounded a corner and neared a room she felt her father’s essence, quickly closing in on it she was forced to slam on the brakes when a doctor emerged almost at the last moment and looked at her, “Are you next of kin?” he asked.

Kendra glanced over his shoulder and caught a glimpse of her father, “I’m his daughter,” she said.

The doctor laid a hand on her shoulder, “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but the trauma that he suffered was extensive and one of his ribs pierced a lung. Although we briefly managed to get him stabilised we were unable to drain out the blood. Despite all our best efforts we couldn’t get him back. I’m very sorry”.

Even as she took in the words Kendra felt her father’s essence flicker, the sensation reminiscent of a candle flame in the moment before its extinguished. Kendra let out a scream and barged the doctor aside. On a gurney in the centre of the room lay her father, his form illuminated by the single fluorescent light which hung from the ceiling. He was dressed in his usual garb which suggested affluence but it had been torn apart from what seemed to be the signs of a fight. It was only a few steps until she reached her father but each of them she took felt like her leads were encased in concrete.

Once at his side she reached out and placed a hand on his arm in an effort to feel something within him but could only detect an empty shell. The ability to tell when someone close to her was in danger had been the first talent he had taught her. Even to this day she still remembered his reasoning, “No matter what, family will almost be the most important thing”.

Kendra’s legs gave way and she collapsed to the floor, the tears streaming down her face. Her blue eyes momentarily flashed green as she instinctively summoned her familiar Chiyon. Manifesting within the room in the form of a man he quickly took in the scene before silently sitting down on the floor next to her.  She allowed him to guide her head so it nestled against his shoulder and she closed her eyes, the sound of his reassuring voice resonating within her head.

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