Parataxis (First Exercise of the 4 AM Breakthrough)

Parataxis (First Exercise of the 4 AM Breakthrough)



You can’t.






He’ll do it again.


He’s a bastard. A real A-Hole!






What are you thinking?


Re-Marriage? Next Saturday? That’s ridiculous.


Don’t you listen?


Didn’t you see the porn in his closet? Buried in the back of his desk? In the garage?


In MY closet? And Lisa’s?


He’s scum, Mom. Scum.


You’re not listening.


Well, I didn’t think I’d have to go there. But now I do.


Follow me. Look here. Look in this box. Wait for me to unlock it.


You see those? Those are Ben Wa Balls. Not marbles, Mom. You don’t know what those are? Of course not.


Another reason NOT TO MARRY HIM. Again. Christ.


You stick them in your Vagina. Yes. Supposed to strengthen it. Make sex better.


Probably just for the guy.


You know who gave those to me?


Dad. Yes, Dad.


I don’t know why!


No, I haven’t used them.


The point is he gave them to me. Lisa got a pair, too. Ask her.


But you have to believe me. I wouldn’t lie to you. You don’t want a man like that.


I don’t care about your religion. I don’t care about the cost of an annulment. I don’t care that you don’t want to be alone.


He’s going to give you a disease. He’s unfaithful.


I’m sorry that it’s hard to believe.


Oh yes, it happened. Look at these. Yes, he gave me those, too. They look like gay magazines. Girls don’t really want to look at pictures of muscle-bound men masturbating with each other, do they? I think girls would rather look at Playboy.


And look at these. Yes, they are graphic sex novels.


And here’s a tape he gave me. Backside to the Future. He used to put it on after you went to work. In the summer.


He’d ask if he could masturbate in front of me.


What else could I say?


He told me that it was for educational purposes. He made it seem normal. Matter of fact. Nothing out of the usual.


It ruined me, Mom.


He ruined me.


No he didn’t fuck me. Thank God. I was smarter than that. But Lisa? Go ask Lisa. Go ask her what he did to her. Then you tell me you want to get remarried.


You know he’s an atheist, right? It doesn’t matter to him whether or not he gets married in the Catholic church.


And think of Kurt! He picked him up by his throat right in front of you!


Yes, you stood between them. I remember you told him to stop. I remember.


No, we’re not in conspiracy against you. We are trying to knock you out of denial.


Yes, you were a good mom. You were a good mom. I know you didn’t know. He did it when you were at work.


Well, we hid it because of your religion.


Well, he made religion look ignorant.


We really couldn’t tell you before.


We didn’t think you’d believe us.

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