Book of the Year for Writers – The 3AM Epiphany

Book of the Year for Writers – The 3AM Epiphany



There is a man out there, a man I have never met, named Brian Kiteley. He happens to direct the creative writing program at the University of Denver, where the aspiring writer can go to receive the rarely offered PhD in creative writing. Amongst his many other accomplishments, he has written two very inspiring books for the writing student at home. If I were to seriously do each of the exercises in the book, The 3AM Epiphany, I would probably deserve a degree. Well, it would be nice to get some feedback on it, though!

I have done some of the exercises in this book, and plan on posting them periodically. The goal: to do them all!

Once finished, however, I won’t be done… as he has faithfully provided another book full of exercises: The 4AM Breakthrough.

These exercises have it all:

  • An explanation behind the theory of the exercise. In other words: Why do it?
  • Clearly defined word limit
  • Clear instructions with just enough boundary to make me want to push the envelope of creativity.

Shall we have a turn with the exercises?

Let’s pray to the sleeping baby Muse:


Exercises coming soon…

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