Stephen King – Under The Dome

Stephen King – Under The Dome

-by Adam Wilby

Just over a week ago this was placed in my hand by a work colleague following a conversation about Stephen King. My initial comment was something along the lines of “This isn’t a book, it’s a doorstop”, an observation based on it being 880 pages long.

The setting for this story is the fictional town of Chester’s Mill which, like other stories Stephen King has written, is located in Maine. Consisting of a population of approximately 2500 people they are all going about their everyday lives when a ‘forcefield’ suddenly comes down and cuts them off from the outside world.

For anyone who has read Lord of the Flies they might recognise the similar themes of sides being taken which, at a fundamental level, is essentially good vs evil. The protagonist is Dale Barbara, a former Iraq War veteran who quickly finds himself at odds with politician Jim Rennie over the latter’s intention to use what has happened for his own ends.

At times the ‘Dome’ as it eventually becomes known is forgotten in the midst of the ongoing power struggle which, it could be argued, are lacking in the ‘shades of grey’ which so often make up human nature. On the plus side though Stephen King has not neglected to mention the outside world which begins with the efforts of US Military to analyse and break the dome and later deals with re-uniting relatives as far as they are able to do so.

This is about as much as I can say without giving away too many spoilers so shall stop here, my final words on the subject shall be : Yes it is a long book but Stephen King has written it in such a way to make this interesting from start to finish. Buy a copy and read, I promise you won’t regret this.

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