Cordelia’s Lament

Cordelia’s Lament

Ghost Girl

painting by Mark Ryden:

– By Adam Wilby

Cordelia moved across to the mirror and silently gazed through it. On the other side the man approached and set a cardboard box down on the floor. Looking up his breath settled on the glass as his attention focussed on the dresser in front of him. Reaching out her hand Cordelia traced a finger in the resulting condensation. The message spoke but one word, “Remember”.

For a moment she thought the man had seen as his teeth lightly bit on his lower lip as he had always done when he witnessed something unexpected. Cordelia’s hopes were dashed as he took hold of a framed photograph which rested near the edge of the dresser. Even without seeing it Cordelia knew what it depicted. Two years ago the two of them had taken a trip to Devon and had stumbled upon Saunton Sands beach more by accident than design. The month of June had been upon them and the summer sun had brought out the surfing community out in force; one of whom had been nice enough to take their photo.

Cordelia turned her fingernails into the palm of her hand and exerted pressure to the point where it almost hurt. Watching as the photo was consigned to the cardboard box she looked on as memories of her previous life followed. As they did so her mind went back to the events of six months ago. It all seemed so silly now. A handful of words hastily spoken and she’d stormed from the house in anger; without slowing down she’d crossed the road without looking and had only been dimly aware of the sound of screeching brakes.

Afterward Cordelia could have realistically have gone anywhere but with no real family in the world she’d felt her choices were limited. In the movies there always seemed to be a way for a ghost to communicate with those who still living but in reality she soon discovered that despite her best efforts it wasn’t so simple. Cordelia’s mind was returned to the present by the motion of the man lifting the box and turning to leave the room. As he did so Cordelia’s lips formed the words, “Remember me,” and the sound was barely more audible than a whisper.

Stopping short the man turned and furrowed his brow as he looked at the mirror for a few moments. As he once again turned away Cordelia bowed her head and looked at her hands as they began to fade. Taking a deep breath as she prepared to embrace the eventual the thought crossed her mind she would probably have done the same thing if their roles had been reversed. Perhaps things were better this way.


3 Responses to “Cordelia’s Lament”

  1. Lori Moritz says:

    Adam, you need to expand this… it is a cool concept. I want to know how many times she attempts to talk to her boyfriend. I want to know how many times he holds her picture and cries… I want to know if he brings any other girls into the flat, and what she thinks of that… the evolution of their separation is so rich and full of possibility and conflict.

    One quibble: your first line: “Cordelia moved across and silently gazed through the mirror.”

    moved across what? It doesn’t make sense that SHE moves across the mirror… but it does make sense that her image moves across the mirror, or she moves in front of the mirror… just a little distraction.

    L, Lori

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  2. Adam21 says:

    Is there a way you can edit posts here or do you need to delete and replace?

    Reason for me asking is can think of ways to expand the above but thinking of best way to go about it…

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    • Lori Moritz says:

      Yes! Just log in and go to posts. Click on Cordelia’s lament and press edit. Then do whatever changes you would like, and publish!

      L, Lori

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