Camden Town

Camden Town

Camden Town

– by Lori Moritz

I found myself

On the streets

Of Camden Town


40 different women

I was with them

Every one

In Gothic coal-lined eyes

In unfamiliar platform shoes

Offering up a transcendent perspective

While tripping up their ankles

On raised crumbles

Of ancient sidewalk blocks

They wear short skirts

Of cheap denim

Sewn with a half-stitch

Because youth

Cares not for quality

That goes with style

Which calls them back

To Camden Town

Every time

A boyfriend or two

Tears the skirt from you

Camden has something new

Only 3 pounds Sterling

If you know the system

Of bartering

And you do it

To satisfy the yearning

For something more

Than 3 shillings of love

He asks you back

To Camden town

Maybe get

That purple corset

Hanging in the window

The one with black lace

Camden’s not a trashy place

Just a vile stink that settles

Neath ultra-glitter

Sticky perfume

And sparkley eye goo

To make his prick

Pick you apart

When your heart

No longer sits

In Camden town

Buildings built to last

Through centuries of lust

Await their fate

As display cases

Servicing familiar faces

That will still




When I’ll no longer be around


2 Responses to “Camden Town”

  1. anna says:

    Nice! The picture at the beginning really catches my attention and sets the tone. There is a certain timelessness to this that’s intriguing.

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    • Lori Moritz says:

      Thanks, Anna! I took that picture in London when I visited 2 summers ago. It was a phone booth covered in lewd adverts in the middle of an otherwise normal neighborhood. Later, I took the underground to a place called Camden Town, where the lewd seeped out of the phone booth and leaked all over the place. It intrigued me, and got me to thinking of all the individuals who lived/frequented there… and then I wondered “How did this place wind up like this? Or was it always a place for such things?” Gosh, would I LOVE the ability to peer into the past!
      L, Lori

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